Apple Butter and Tomato Jelly

Today I stopped by the Wild Family Farm stand to pick up a couple of pints of their homemade apple butter. My grandmother made apple butter like this and the taste whisks me back to the table in her small farm kitchen where I would watch her canning while I munched on a slice of bread slathered in her apple butter.

The WFF stand has a good assortment of fresh herbs, decorative plants, jams and jellies. While I was there, I perused some of the other labels and saw one for Tomato Jelly. Apparently tomato jelly has a small, but devoted fan club that seek out this unusual delicacy wherever it can be found. I have never had it and my brain can’t quite reconcile the idea of tomatoes and a jelly into a single item. But I was told it does have it’s fans, so if you are near Wichita, KS and need a tomato jelly fix, now you know where to find it.

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