How a juicer is like a casserole dish

The Breville juicer arrived Friday so I hit up the Green Acres Market for some fruit. I did my homework in advance and had a list of 20 or so juice recipes so I didn’t end up with a complete hodgepodge.

I am starting with fruit based juices to get my 4 year old interested and will migrate to vegetable juices once he’s hooked. I kept it simple for the first juice last night, just plain apple juice made with 3 apples just like the recipe said.

Tonight I wanted to try one of the recipes we had for Melon-ade. Here is the real recipe:

1/4 of a Watermellon
1 lemon (peeled)
– Juice together and enjoy.

I did start with the melon and the lemon…but then poking around the fridge there were some strawberries, raspberries and blueberries that were on their last day. I went to the pantry to get the fruit wash for the berries (just a minor detour from the recipe) and discovered a couple of the peaches were getting a little soft.

This was the moment that the juicer became a casserole dish, taking all those things that were not going to last until tomorrow and wouldn’t be consumed on their own. I may not be the best at strictly sticking to recipes, but I just became a bit more thrifty.

Oh, and the mellon-lemon-berry-peach juice was delicious! I am using the excess to make a couple of popsicles for the little guy to enjoy tomorrow.

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