Winding Down

This weekend I got my first real sense that it was time for the Farmer’s Markets to wind down for the year. I visited the Neosho Farms stand to pick up some onions and garlic and asked whether a special they were having on garlic would be available next weekend. The answer was “this is our last weekend for the year”.

I immediately headed over to Cheney Lake Tomatoes to talk to John about his tomatoes that are sold at Green Acres Market. I asked if there would be any gaps this winter and how often he delivered tomatoes to GAM. I have become attached to my homemade pasta sauce and am having a hard time imagining going back to the jarred stuff this winter. I have looked into canning but am not quite ready to take the plunge just yet.

With the end of the season nearing, we will be at the market every Saturday between now and the official end trying to take in a little more of the locally grown, fresh produce and the last of the summer days.

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