Winter Market

Today was the first of two Winter Markets for the Kansas Grown Farmer’s Market.  The market was held inside the extension building which was a bonus with winds today gusting up to 37mph.

I visited with Indian Creek Bison Ranch, a farm that I had seen many times at the entrance to the market but never purchased from before.  All the bison are grass-fed, antibiotic and steroid-free so I walked away with a pack of frozen bison burgers to try.

I also visited with Morning Harvest Farm that specializes in pastured poultry, pastured eggs and grass-fed beef.  Paula was wonderful to talk with and I learned that she shares my passion for Joel Salatin books.  Her pastured poultry schooners look to be based on his egg-mobiles.  I purchased a package of summer sausage and beef links and grabbed a brochure for her farm.

After getting home and getting all the market goodies put away I spent some time with the Morning Harvest Farm brochure and am even more intrigued.  They also offer herbs, vegetables and farm raised fish.  They have a CSA (Consumer Supported Agriculture) program that runs year round and allows you to select the products you receive.  According to the website all CSA shares for Morning Harvest Farms are sold and the waiting list is full.  Based on their farm and products I am not surprised.  I will be checking back regularly to see when they have an opening on the wait list.

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