From 6a to 7b

Where Is NearlyHomeGrown?

In 2012 I purchased 10 raised bed kits, filled them with the mix recommended by Mel Bartholomew (1/3 peat moss, 1/3 vermiculite, 1/3 compost) and had an intensive planting plan which resulted in an abundant harvest.  I doubled the size of my indoor garden, started growing microgreens (in addition to, not instead of their macro counterparts) and started the whole process over for 2013 with lessons learned and plans for an even bigger garden.

In May of 2013 a job opportunity arose that moved me from Wichita, Kansas (Hardiness Zone 6a) to Raleigh, North Carolina (Hardiness Zone 7b).   Because I had purchased a durable raised bed product and made my own soil for my garden, I brought my garden with me.  I spent a year renting a town home with no backyard but with a nice patio that I quickly filled with container trees and potted herbs while 2,000 lbs. of homemade soil in 40 gallon Rubbermaid containers sat waiting in my garage.

In July of this year I purchased a home.   Moving in meant unpacking boxes but also setting up my outdoor and indoor gardens and adding some fig trees and blueberry bushes to the productive capacity of my .2 acre lot and starting plans for even more variety in my plantings.

That is a rough overview of what I have been up to since my last post.  I have some interesting projects growing…

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