A Few Good Documentaries

If sustainable food/agriculture is a documentary genre, it has seen something of an explosion over the past few years.  Super Size Me (2004) was probably the first food documentary to gain traction in the public mind and get us to consider what we are eating followed by Food Inc (2008) for those who wanted to take it one step further and think about where what we are eating comes from.

Since then there have been a quite a few documentaries to jump on the food consciousness bandwagon.  Here are a few of my favorites:

  • The Fruit Hunters
  • Vanishing of the Bees
  • Growing Cities
  • Eating Alabama
  • To Make a Farm
  • Fresh
  • Food Fight
  • King Corn
  • Dirt! The Movie
  • Fed Up

In the queue:

  • More Than Honey
  • The Organic Life
  • Ingredients
  • In Organic We Trust
  • The First Season
  • Betting the Farm
  • Meat Hooked
  • As We Sow
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