Trouble With The Trees

My backyard garden is nestled between my backdoor and a 20 foot deep strip of pines and sweet gumball trees at the back of my property.  There is a magnolia in there and a soft cedar that I have yet to identify, but overwhelmingly it is 2-3 story pines and sweet gumballs and they shed a LOT this time of year.  Leaves, pine needles and eventually pine cones.

I have spent enough time picking leaves and pine needles out of my garden beds to consider what a pine cone falling 3 stories onto a spinach plant might do to the plant and have taken evasive action.

I had installed hoop covers a couple of weeks ago and tried bird netting to start with.  Pine needles seem to have an uncanny way of falling straight down and bypassing the netting, but it was doing pretty well with the gumball leaves.  Stepping up my game I am now trying garden mosquito netting that is water and light permeable.  I had considered plastic sheeting which would serve the dual purpose of keeping out the trees’ castoffs and turning my hoops into a low tunnel greenhouse, but it would also keep out rain and thereby increase watering requirements, so I settled on the mosquito netting and letting the plants tough out the coming cold temps.

This morning brought a steady rain of both precipitation and tree bits and I am happy to say that the water got in and the tree bits stayed out!

Mosquito Netting

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