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One month and seven days after the evil groundhog did his worst, the Raleigh area has had two days in a row that could reasonably be called spring-like.  The latin edict of carpe diem sent me to my backyard today to set up my new garden beds in preparation for the spring planting and transplanting that will be upon me in a few short weeks.

Back in 2011 when I was learning about square foot gardening, I did a lot of research on what to make my raised beds out of.  I wanted to find something both durable but also easy to break down and transport since I knew I would only be in Kansas for a few years.  I found the Lifetime Products 4 x 4 raised beds and have never looked back.  They are easy to put together, rot resistant, BPA free, lightweight and transportable (10 of them traveled with me from Kansas after a year and a half in use) and are very nice to look at.  I priced out the Lifetime beds compared to making wood ones and found the lifetime to be a better bargain for my needs.

Today I wanted to show how easy they are to put together so here I am with my weed barrier in place and putting together one of my new beds in my On Screen Debut.

Another benefit of the Lifetime beds is that they have little markers for the square footers among us.  I use those guides to drop in small, galvanized screws  and tie kitchen string between them to mark out my squares.  It creates an attractive, floating (but still flexible) grid to plant within.

I now have all of my beds set up and in place and just need to mix the soil for 4 of them.  I have 8 that need to have their floating grids of kitchen string but should have my garden up and ready to go in the next two weeks, which is a good thing considering the size of my zucchini starts!

Zucchini Starts

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