Garden Toy – Hod

Zucchini and squash season is just around the corner and I had been looking for a replacement for my lovely, but somewhat lightweight flower basked that I use to gather what needs picking and what’s for dinner (usually the same things) each day.  After a few searches for garden baskets I ran across this shiny new toy, I mean garden hod.


Food-grade vinyl-covered mesh means you can hose off produce right in the hod before bringing it inside
16 quart capacity means plenty of space for an evening’s bounty
Flat bottom is perfect for when I want to use a small bowl to separate out small items
Sturdy construction…see below

Sturdy construction – this hod is 3.5 lbs. when empty

Personally, I am okay with the one con.  I garden for a number of reasons and needing to exert a little physical energy to get my food is one of them.

I give my new garden hod an A+

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