Temperate Permaculture

Every revisit to the documentary The Fruit Hunters sends me researching what fruit and nut trees are adapted to my hardiness zone to plan my future orchard.  This exercise always begins with a self-reminder that the majority of exotic fruit grows in tropical climates but contains the hope that this time I will discover some forgotten native treasures or cultivars that are not commercially viable for my temperate climate.

This time, rather than searching by hardiness zone which brings up a predictable list of cultivars on sale from nurseries, I searched for the climate zone and found an intriguing list that included kiwi, medlars, pawpaws, persimmons and quince at the Temperate Climate Permaculture blog.

John Kitsteiner is the blogger and owner of the farm, Bauernhof Kitsteiner in Bull’s Gap, TN, roughly 5 hours west of Raleigh.  I started watching the videos in his vlog and was excited to see that the most recent video was from just two days ago.  It will be cool to watch his farm evolve in real time.

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