Early July Update

This morning I started 22 strawberry runners and found another 8 that were already well established in the existing strawberry bed.  I began this year with 32 plants and I think I will start 2016 with double the number.

Strawberry Runner StartsThe serrano peppers are being harvested green but I am letting a few go to red also.  They are hotter than jalapenos but I think they have a better flavor also.

SerranoThe Blue Beauty heirloom tomatoes are so pretty as their color develops.  The bird netting has so far kept all of the slicing and roma tomatoes safe from birds and squirrels.  My fingers are crossed that this holds true when they ripen too.

Blue BeautyThe first year blackberry has sent up one good cane so far which is secured to the trellis and is topped at 6.5′ to encourage lateral shoots.

BlackberryThe edamame is very close to harvest.  I will freeze them in serving size vacuum sealed packages and hope to have enough to enjoy them throughout the year until the next harvest.

EdamameThat’s the garden update for this overcast and occasionally rainy July 3rd.

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