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Growing Sustainability – Part 1

I have three 24 x 36 cork boards in my home office, devoted to helping me organize my garden.  They are filled with seasonal planting guides for Zone 7, my own garden plans for seasonal and succession plantings, companion planting … Continue reading

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Rocking in the Kitchen

I received a gift today from a gardening friend in the mid-west.  My friend had no way of knowing I had my eyes on these for a while now.  I had first seen the Ulu knife of Alaska a couple … Continue reading

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Seeding the Future

One of my goals for my 2015 garden is to save more seed.  Previously I had saved only cilantro/coriander and some flower seeds, but I am turning a corner in 2015 and saving as many seeds from the varieties I … Continue reading

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Making Hay While The Sun Shines – Part 3

The wonderful thing about being taken under the wing of a traditional southern food mentor is that in addition to the lesson at hand, there are other tantalizing tidbits sprinkled throughout the lessons like breadcrumbs, just waiting for me to … Continue reading

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Vinegared Cucumbers

As my Marketmore and Chinese Yellow cucumbers swing into full production I have been looking for a recipe that I recall from childhood.  I have heard them called refrigerator pickles, cucumber salad, marinated cucumbers and vinegared cucumbers, though there are … Continue reading

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Growing Food, Growing Farmers

I have been looking for a graph that shows the number of US farmers and the average age of farmers on the same graph, but looking at the graphs separately, the impression is still strong.  We have less and less … Continue reading

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