Rocking in the Kitchen

I received a gift today from a gardening friend in the mid-west.  My friend had no way of knowing I had my eyes on these for a while now.  I had first seen the Ulu knife of Alaska a couple of years ago in a video about chopping herbs and had been interested since.

FullSizeRenderI had some herbs that had been dried over the weekend so I popped them in the bowl side of the cutting board and tested it out.  The rocking-cutting motion is distinct from what most of us are used to with a relatively straight blade and a flat cutting board, but I can see how with a little practice this would be extremely effective!

A big thank you to my friend for the gift.  Sharing (seeds, tips, surplus produce, etc.) seems to be hallmark of the gardening soul and I am grateful to have been bitten by the bug and be counted among its ranks!

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