Farming the Burbs

Meg White, Chicken Photo

Photo courtesy of Meg White, Managing Editor of REALTOR® Magazine

Two of my great passions collided earlier this week when a colleague forwarded a recent REALTOR® Magazine, July/August 2015 issue article about the “emerging real estate niche” of backyard agriculture. My day job that I absolutely love is in the real estate industry where we like distinct categories for types of real estate. Properties are classified as either Residential or Farm, but never as Residential Farm. The effect of these categories makes it appear that houses are only incidental on farm land and that land (and its growing capacity) is only incidental to residential properties.

It warmed my heart to see REALTOR® Magazine run such an excellent, in-depth article on urban agriculture. The Rise of the Backyard Farm is both extremely well written and very timely.  It is time for these two passions to collide – in real estate we talk about how owning property helps grow wealth over time, but when real estate and suburban agriculture meet additional dividends are paid seasonally.

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  1. Todd Woodburn says:

    LOVE this post! I share this passion!

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