City Farm

“What if we ingeniously enriched that vacant land with waste wood products, waste food products and had a rich farm, employed local people to produce the healthy foods that community needs?” – Ken Dunn, founder of Resource Center and City Farm

City Farm is doing all of that and more!  City Farm subsidizes their direct sales to the public by contracting with local restaurants wanting fresh, local produce on their menus.  City Farm then picks up the restaurant’s food waste to be recycled into compost to feed the rich soil that will grow more food.

The images in this video capture the beauty of this little agricultural oasis against the backdrop of the Chicago skyline:

For a more in depth look at how City Farm is diverting urban waste to create fresh, sustainable food for the local community:

In December, City Farm began moving from it’s location at 1204 N Clybourn to a new lot one block to the west.  Each summer I attend a conference in Chicago for a few days in August and I can’t wait to see the new farm when I am there!

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