Tender Beginnings

While winter is having it’s (hopefully) last hurrah outside, I am prepping my indoor garden to be without me for a week while I travel for work.

Feb Starts UpdateAfter trying first newspaper pots then peat pots for last year’s starts and having them disintegrate before I was ready to transplant to the garden, this year I am using Siloé Oliveira’s technique of drilling holes in smooth plastic cups that can be reused year after year.

All of my starts are doing well but the ones I am happiest about are my saved seed from the Paste and Amana tomatoes I grew last year.  They sprouted a few days behind the new varieties I purchased seed for this year, but since I did not ferment the saved seed I knew they would lag a bit.

Saved Tomato SeedsAnd gratuitous pics of some of the collards and other tomato varieties starts just because they are so pretty…

Collard StartsTomato Starts

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