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Avant Garden

The single, yellowed leaf I found on one of my paste tomatoes at the end of February was actually the opening shot of a fungal tug-of-war that will likely continue for the whole of 2016’s growing season.  The Septoria Leaf … Continue reading

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Every Family Has One…

…that one, oddball character who just doesn’t quite fit in.

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Farmin’ the Front

For years I have been sporting an agricultural mullet – suburban-nice in the front and a garden-party in the back, but no more. Yesterday I ripped out the low growing juniper bush that was taking up half of the space … Continue reading

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Flavor Bases From Around The World In Less Than 2 Minutes!

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Making Lemonade

Unless I take the time to carefully pluck them out, one by one, before taking a garden pic, you have probably noticed the indecent number of pine needles lurking in the background of EVERY PHOTO I TAKE! Once upon a … Continue reading

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Paradigm Shift

I sometimes forget the prevailing notions people have related to growing food.  The most common mental images seem to center around long hours of back breaking labor spent tilling, planting, hoeing and weeding. I am quickly reminded of the current … Continue reading

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Springing Ahead

After a week of travel, timezone jet lag and leaping ahead an hour, I returned home to find my spring garden well underway. The blueberries and strawberries are already in bloom and hoping the 33 degree overnight currently forecast for … Continue reading

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Batting 500

I have two spring perennials that required a 2 year latency before the first harvest: Last night I harvested my first two spears of asparagus, one each of Jersey Knight and Purple Passion. But my morel boxes… only contain mulch … Continue reading

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Then There Was One

This morning I did my final pass thinning the tomatoes, peppers, collards, cabbage and kale down to a single plant in each starter cup and then I crossed my fingers that no fungi or pests find my singletons between now … Continue reading

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Favorite Quotes

I have amassed a little collection of gardening quotes over the years and love to place them strategically around my house for inspiration, contemplation or humor.  Here are a few of my favorites: There can be no other occupation like … Continue reading

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