Springing Ahead

After a week of travel, timezone jet lag and leaping ahead an hour, I returned home to find my spring garden well underway.

Blueberry BlossomsThe blueberries and strawberries are already in bloom and hoping the 33 degree overnight currently forecast for Monday night doesn’t damage them.

Strawberry BlossomsThe collards, cabbage and kale have been hardened off and were transplanted yesterday near the sprouting spinach, pak choy, lettuce and sugar snap peas.

Spinach, Collards and Snap PeasThe 8 spears of asparagus that have been harvested so far have been well  worth the 1 year wait and I hope some crowns that have not yet produced will begin to send up spears soon.  In the meantime, I am becoming an expert on making a little asparagus go a long way in dishes.

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