Then There Was One

This morning I did my final pass thinning the tomatoes, peppers, collards, cabbage and kale down to a single plant in each starter cup and then I crossed my fingers that no fungi or pests find my singletons between now and when they move outside.

For now the 38 tomato plants are vigorous and hale and I am excited that fully half of them are from my own saved seed.

TomatoesI added a few new varieties this year of both slicing and cherry tomatoes and plan to save seed from all I want to grow again next year.

The cabbage and collards are nearly ready to be hardened off and will join the lettuce, spinach and leeks I will be direct sowing this weekend.

Collards and CabbageNow that the 2 week forecast has no nighttime temps below freezing it is time to get the spring garden into full swing!

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