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The New Normal

The phrase “the new normal” usually has all the cheer of a dark, grey storm cloud with it’s reference to sluggish GDP growth, wage stagnation and growing wealth inequality, but there is another new normal that is happening parallel to … Continue reading

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I Break For Blossoms

I took a break between tending to existing plantings (pruning, mulching, thinning, tying up) and starting on seeding new plantings (cilantro, cucumber, edamame, squash and zucchini) to enjoy the blossoms that beginning to pop up around my garden. Sugar Ann … Continue reading

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Berry Delicious

First* strawberry of spring! *technically the third one to ripen, but the first one that I beat the birds to.  The strawberries are now covered enough to keep birds and squirrels out but let the pollinators in.

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One Boy, Three Sisters

Me:  Let me snap a picture before you plant the rest of the seeds. 9yo:  Sure, but let me grab the dibber first! I served in an advisory capacity last weekend as my 9 year old planted Glass Gem and … Continue reading

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A Berry Short Haircut

Last fall I had a niggle as I watched the lush, green growth of the strawberries yellow in some places and brown in other.  I made a cursory search for winterizing strawberries and fall strawberry preparation and did not find … Continue reading

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Green Mulching

While looking for a readily available, organic mulch to compliment my semi-composted pine needles, I have learned that the list of mulching styles and materials is truly endless.  The list of possibilities include but is not limited to: sheet mulching, … Continue reading

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Sunlight Like Tides

Sunlight, like tides, wait for no man. Yesterday I watched as the morning sunlight set fire to the jewel toned Lollo De Vino lettuce and determined to do a spring garden update.  By the time I took the update photo … Continue reading

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Finally Spring – Garden Update

The average last frost date for this area has come and gone and the lowest nighttime temp forecast through the end of the month is 41.  I think spring is finally here to stay! The French Breakfast Radishes are speeding … Continue reading

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Last Frost Date

Last night was a low of 28 so the tomatoes were covered (again) and I am optimistic that it was the last night of freezing temps (again).  This time, at least, I have the Average Last Frost Date in my … Continue reading

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Growing Smiles – Early April Planting

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