Last Frost Date

Last night was a low of 28 so the tomatoes were covered (again) and I am optimistic that it was the last night of freezing temps (again).  This time, at least, I have the Average Last Frost Date in my corner…though average and last possible vary by over a month.

I the meantime, the container garden on my deck planted with cold weather crops is just fine with or without a light frost.  The beautiful colors and daily growth of of these varietals make warmer weather feel not so far away.

This is my first year growing Lollo De Vino Lettuce.  I had run out of room in the garden for another lettuce but it was just to pretty to resist when I ran across it so I am growing it in a  container along with a volunteer cilantro.  Another first year variety, the French Breakfast Radishes have sprouted.

Lettuce, Snow Peas and RadishesI planted Snow Peas in the container garden this year to add some height contrast to the low growing lettuce and radishes.  The easy access to peas and shoots is a total bonus.

Today’s cold weather task is to give some overdue attention to the indoor basil garden which needs some pruning and thinning.

Happy Average Last Frost Date (for Raleigh NC)!

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