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Mulligan Fire Roasted Cherry Tomato Salsa

A few weeks ago I finally had enough cherry tomatoes to give the Fire Roasted Cherry Tomato Salsa recipe I wrote about in February a whirl.  The cherry tomatoes I had in abundance were two varieties of yellow tomatoes and … Continue reading

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Imma Be – Black Eyed Peas In the Garden

So maybe the July garden isn’t classically beautiful, but it does have a quirky beauty… While bolted lettuce is a tall, straggly creature on its own, the Tom Thumb lettuce is also a bit elegant against the backdrop of collards: … Continue reading

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July Garden Update

Under the best of circumstances July is an awkward time for the garden. Spring greens (spinach, lettuce, cilantro) still in the garden have bolted or browned, strawberries have stopped producing anything but dozens of straggly runners and asparagus has transmogrified … Continue reading

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Roma Wasn’t Built In a Day

Roma math: A decent batch of homemade tomato sauce with enough to freeze or can for future use requires a minimum of 15-20 lbs of roma tomatoes. The average day on the urban farm (with 16 roma tomato plants in … Continue reading

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(Nearly) Nose to Tail Cooking

Chef John from Food Wishes (on YouTube and BlogSpot) has become a permanent presence on my laptop and in my kitchen over the past 6 months.   In addition to being an award winning chef, he is a gifted educator and … Continue reading

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Eating Local Never Tasted So Good – Seafood

I grew up in America’s rural heartland calling catfish and crappie ‘seafood’, but in truth, it would be far more accurate to call it riverfood or lakefood.  Real seafood was reserved for restaurant dining and with cautions from in-the-know types … Continue reading

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