Imma Be – Black Eyed Peas In the Garden

So maybe the July garden isn’t classically beautiful, but it does have a quirky beauty…

While bolted lettuce is a tall, straggly creature on its own, the Tom Thumb lettuce is also a bit elegant against the backdrop of collards:

Tom Thumb LettuceThe glass gem corn is doing incredibly well (note, strawberry popcorn is not nearly so prolific):

Glass Gem CornThe blueberries are abundant this year:

BlueberriesThe figs, while still green, are also abundant this year:

FigsThe asparagus is still throwing up occasional spears:

Late AsparagusAnd the tomatoes…all those tomatoes!

Tons of TomatoesBut the star of the late July garden for me is my first ever harvest of California Black Eyed Peas!  These cowpeas were planted to fix nitrogen for the corn they are growing next to and up, but now that I am seeing the beginning of what looks to be a good harvest I am excited about them for their own sake:

First Black Eyed Peas

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