Big Finish – Glass Gem Corn

The Glass Gem Corn is winding down and I will have a couple more ears to harvest over the next few weeks but today was really the big finale with 4 ears harvested and two that were almost* entirely in the blue spectrum.

Last Big Glass Gem Corn HarvestI plan to make some popcorn from this year’s harvest, but also plan to double my planting for year’s crop from saved seed.  This is a exponential goal/reward because for every one corn plant I plant two black eyed pea plants to nourish the corn and climb the stalk for support and I am enjoying the still growing store of homegrown black eyed peas to cook up for good luck on New Year Day and would like to have even more for New Years 2018.

Black Eyed Peas Stash*the bottom right cob has a single green kernel that only makes the rest of the cob look all the more blue.

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