Chicago City Farm – Field Trip

City Farm SignI arrived in Chicago yesterday for an annual conference with a few hours to spare so I took the opportunity to go see City Farm in person!  I have been looking forward to seeing this fantastic piece of urban farming/city renewal since I wrote about it in January, unfortunately the three days I am here are the three days they are closed to the public.  Undeterred, I figured i could at least view it from the outside and see how the new location at W Division Street is coming along.

The very warm, but tired Farm Director, Meredith, saw me taking pictures and came out to chat with me.  Despite being at the farm since 5 am picking produce for the Farmer’s Market, she gave me a micro-tour and we chatted about growing food.

The lot looks even bigger in person and wraps north and east sides of the Chicago Fire Department building – the brick building to the right.

Cabbage and CollardsIt could not have been a more beautiful day to visit.

Cabbage and Tomatoes at the City FarmMeredith was very excited about the tractor that will help the workers and volunteers accomplish more on this sprawling lot.

It is wonderful to see young people engaging in a type of agriculture that doesn’t just build farms, it builds communities.  If you are ever in Chicago, preferably Wednesday-Saturday make this a must-visit!

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  1. Todd Woodburn says:

    This is an amazing project on so many levels. Thank you for publishing. I can not wait to see it in person! Great article!

    • says:

      So easy to duplicate in other cities too – but buy in from the city is essential as is true leadership to carry it through on the part of the Farmer!

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