Easy Decision Dinner

Morel and Kale Egg Scramble and Pan Roasted TomatoesEgg scrambles for dinner with almost any leftover veggies in the fridge is a quick and easy decision for nights that lack a dinner plan.

I had a small bunch of kale leftover after an Italian soup earlier in the week so I chopped it up and sauteed with some rehydrated morels.  Add in scrambled eggs and herbs/seasoning of choice (I used fresh tarragon and a little cayenne), top with a little cheese and viola – a delicious, nutritious and frugal dinner!

Morel and Kale Egg Scramble and Pan Roasted Tomatoes with Homemade White-Wheat-Rye BreadAs a side note on a side dish – a couple of weekends ago I processed 15lbs of my Roma Tomatoes into sauce.  2lbs of sauce to be exact.  I divvied up the sauce into freezer bags and started looking for other uses for the Romas I am growing.  I have diced them up into tomato salads along side the slicing and cherry tomatoes and lately I have been working on pan roasted tomatoes (above).  They taste delicious but the skins are a bit like tough paper after the roasting…still a work in progress.

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