Getting Wired in the Garden

Early this spring I had high hopes when I reworked my square foot grids with outdoor nylon rope.  It lasted only 2 seasons.

Formerly Nylon GridThe needles and leaves are a results of Hurricane Hermine’s winds coming through earlier this weekend, but the nylon grid had disintegrated well before the storm.

I spent some time in Lowe’s yesterday finding what I hope will be the last grid material I need.  I have tried coated wire before, but the wire was purchased for supports for climbing squash and was too stiff in the garden.  This wire has a great blend of sturdy but flexible.

Cable and Wire CuttersThis wire also marks a change in direction for grid color.  I have always marked out my grids in white, liking the crisp contrast.  This time I went with black, to blend into the soil visually.

Cable GridA note if you decide to use wire in your beds for grids or anything else – I specifically wanted a coated wire because uncoated may get pretty hot in the summer sun and burn the plants that brush up against it.

Now that I am back on the grid (again), time to get my fall lettuce and spinach seeds planted!

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