Living Ingredients

Although I have grown herbs indoors for each of the last 5 winters, my indoor garden has always been in a designated growing area and not particularly convenient to the kitchen.  So in a kitchen that is already small on space, I gave over fully 1/2 of my breakfast bar to try the AeroGarden, because the idea of growing fresh, green herbs right where I cook this winter is very appealing.

AeroGarden and Microgreens That probably also explains the microgreens taking up the other 1/2 of my breakfast bar now.

MicrogreensMicrogreens are a great choice for indoor veggies in the off seasons since they aren’t usually around long enough for pests or disease to become a problem and can be used in a variety of dishes.  They do need a little more attention in terms of keeping them moist and harvesting on time, but that is all the easier when they are located in the heart of a home.

My breakfast bar has become a living pantry 🙂

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