Laissez-faire Farming

The threat of winter weather pushed right up to the last frost date for my area this year.  Add in my hectic schedule the past few weeks and the result is a late start on my spring garden, and some corners looking to be cut.

These colorful lettuce varieties would normally be carefully planned and planted in their own distinct areas.

This year I am deploying what I am calling a laissez-faire farming method of “mixed lettuces” saving a lot of time and proving that even lackadaisical farming sounds better in french.

Seeding and watering these 9 square feet (around 100 plants) was the work of 5 minutes.

I have to give a quick shout out to the oregano photo bombing the picture above (bottom and right of garden bed).  This now feral oregano self seeded the area around it two years ago when I had the herb planted in this box.  It is so thick and lovely year round that I am tempted to use it as a ground cover along paths.

For the rest of my garden, this year I am doing a lot more grouping than normal, with all of a bed planted with spinach or radishes or edamame, allowing me to broadcast seeds and get everything started a little faster.

Au revoir!

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