Spring Again (Maybe)

The average last frost date for this area passed on April 4th but it has been an unusual spring with early season warming trends in February that encouraged strawberries and blueberries to bloom early followed by unsurprising freezes in early March that played havoc with the plants.

My strawberry blooms mostly survived the hard freezes in March and these June Bearers are already showing off green fruits.

The permaculture herb garden did very well over the winter, only dill and tarragon did not survive.  The thyme is already blooming and the sage is just a step behind.

Several asparagus spears were harvested in February then several more killed by one of the hard freezes, but they are loving the current weather and I am harvesting 5-7 spears every 2 days right now.

I lost some blueberry blooms with the freezes, but they also seem to have rebounded more or less with new blooms coming in, though I anticipate a diminished harvest this year over last.

Spring seems to be here to stay at last so it is time to start planting some annuals too!

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