First Day of Last Frost

The last frost date for this area passed without incident on April 9th and today was my first day home to survey the perennials and sow some annuals.

I’m just going to say it, my over-wintered herb garden is just darned pretty this spring.  And I am beside myself that the chives are not just alive but thriving!  After years of refusing to grow for me, they are vigorous and even blooming.

I was also ecstatic to see the blueberries bountifully in bloom!

Last year the blueberries were conned into blooming by the false spring and a hard, late frost killed most of the flowers.  A feeble second bloom happened after the last frost but didn’t amount to much.

The strawberries were also a pleasant surprise, not just sporting a healthy head of blooms but some hard green strawberries already just waiting for the warmth of the sun to make them blush.

I threw caution to the wind a few weeks ago and mixed up the assorted lettuce seeds I had on hand and sowed them thickly in 1/2 of a bed.  I love the mix of the reds, greens and the little ones already wearing speckles.

And lastly I laid down 18 rows of spinach in the front 3/4ths of these beds that will also host 2 tomato plants each in a few weeks.

Ahhhhh…the gardener’s Spring has finally sprung!

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