Just Add Water

It has rained all day, every day for a week now and the sky has run itself out of water!  I stole this break in the rain to check on sown seeds and the herbs and berries.

The back half of this box is mixed lettuces and the front left is daikon radishes.  The front right is leftover bibb lettuce from a Victory Garden project at my son’s school.

The tomatoes and peppers are hardened off and ready to be planted in the beds.  I have my own saved seed serranos as well as an heirloom yellow pepper this year and for tomatoes I am growing an heirloom grape tomato and trying my first F1 hybrid for a red slicing to improve yield.

The blueberries are trying to live up to their names with a hint of purple starting to stand out against the green.

The sage flowers have been a favorite of visiting bees but are ready for their spring pruning now.

The chives are also sporting lovely dead head flowers and at last they seem to be truly established in my garden.

Soggy but smiling!

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2 Responses to Just Add Water

  1. Joe moshe says:

    Tessa, I want to plant asparagus in my apartment terrace.
    Is it possible and can you help me?

  2. NearlyHomeGrown.com says:


    If you have at least 8 inches deep of soil and they can grow undisturbed for a couple of years, yes, even an apartment terrace could sport some fresh asparagus spears each spring!

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