Searching for Eden

Long Island is entering the 4th week of Work From Home orders during the pandemic and “home” has suddenly become the center of many people’s lives in a way it has not been for a few generations.

I am looking out over the closest thing to my own Eden that I have ever found. One half acre of a southern facing backyard that backs to a canal of the Connetquot River. It was the productive capacity of this backyard as much as anything else that drew me to this home. From what I saw at the home and garden store yesterday, carefully socially distanced of course, many people are thinking about the productive capacities of their yards right now as well.

Sunny Backyard with River Canal

My first step in setting up my LI garden is starting a container garden for my herbs. The planters left by the previous owners added with my own should give me an full herb garden close to my back door. The containers a fairly large, but the first winter will be a test to see who overwinters and who does not.

Plant Containers on Deck

And of course images like this make me hope mine will cooperate in photogenic, view-shed kinds of ways as well. 🙂

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  1. Laurie M Register says:

    Oh my, I would have fallen in love with that home and property as well. Good luck!

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