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Just Add Water

It has rained all day, every day for a week now and the sky has run itself out of water!  I stole this break in the rain to check on sown seeds and the herbs and berries. The back half … Continue reading

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Permaculture Summer

To create your own permaculture summer: Start with a good variety of fruits, berries and herbs that pretty much take care of themselves year after year. Add to that background of growth, some tender green leaves (lettuce and spinach will … Continue reading

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Sunlight Like Tides

Sunlight, like tides, wait for no man. Yesterday I watched as the morning sunlight set fire to the jewel toned Lollo De Vino lettuce and determined to do a spring garden update.  By the time I took the update photo … Continue reading

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Finally Spring – Garden Update

The average last frost date for this area has come and gone and the lowest nighttime temp forecast through the end of the month is 41.  I think spring is finally here to stay! The French Breakfast Radishes are speeding … Continue reading

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Last Frost Date

Last night was a low of 28 so the tomatoes were covered (again) and I am optimistic that it was the last night of freezing temps (again).  This time, at least, I have the Average Last Frost Date in my … Continue reading

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Farmin’ the Front

For years I have been sporting an agricultural mullet – suburban-nice in the front and a garden-party in the back, but no more. Yesterday I ripped out the low growing juniper bush that was taking up half of the space … Continue reading

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Hello, My Name Is…

This year will be my fifth year as an urban food grower.  It will also be my fifth attempt to create plant markers that are still legible at the end of a growing season.  With 52 varieties of annuals planned … Continue reading

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The Expat Starter Garden

A dear friend is moving south of the border to live on the shores of Lake Chapala, said to have the second best climate on earth, behind only Atenas, Costa Rica.  She wants to start a small garden there and … Continue reading

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Countdown to Garden 2016

Even before presents are unwrapped, the countdown is on with less than a month to go before indoor starts of cabbage, leeks and rosemary get going in the first part of January with peppers (hot and bell) just behind. So … Continue reading

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Winter Growing

This winter there will be a lot of focus on my indoor gardens mostly because my outdoor winter garden is a bit of a bust this year.  The collards and spinach I planted were just beginning to grow when an … Continue reading

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Inadvertent Homage

…to Scarborough Fair on my deck. Companion planting 1670 style!  Here is the Simon and Garfunkel version if you need to get the song unstuck from your head.

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