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Growing Food, Growing Farmers

I have been looking for a graph that shows the number of US farmers and the average age of farmers on the same graph, but looking at the graphs separately, the impression is still strong.  We have less and less … Continue reading

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On Kaizen and Garden Logs

Kaizen is a word that has one meaning in the dictionary sense and a wholly different meaning in the popular mind.  The dictionary definition is “change for the better”, but over time, this word has morphed through its adaptation both … Continue reading

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A Few Good Documentaries

If sustainable food/agriculture is a documentary genre, it has seen something of an explosion over the past few years.  Super Size Me (2004) was probably the first food documentary to gain traction in the public mind and get us to … Continue reading

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Getting Fresh. Really Fresh.

The food-documentary-athon continued this week and I was very pleasantly surprised to find a feel-good movie tucked into the lineup. The documentaries so far have been very good and have altered the way I am connecting with food. ‘Fat, Sick … Continue reading

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Pandora’s Seed

I have just finished a second reading of ‘Pandora’s Seed’ by Spencer Wells. I read this book a year ago when it was first released and wanted to revisit it after watching a series of documentaries on the food industry … Continue reading

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