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Food With a Story – Mortgage Lifter

When was the last time you ate a tomato and considered the intrigue and controversy surrounding it’s provenance? This big guy, sold by Baker Creek under the name Mortgage Lifter is almost ready to harvest and when I save the … Continue reading

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Urban Growing – By The Numbers

200% – the increase in households participating in community gardens from 2008 to 2013 35% – the number of households growing food at home or in a community garden 88% – the number of people that do not garden but … Continue reading

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Will Work For Food

The phrases urban agriculture and urban farming answer the where and the what, but not necessarily the why of food production.  Some urban growers are producing for personal use (which could include sharing their excess bounty with friends, neighbors and … Continue reading

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A New Old Fashioned Barn Raising

I was researching a local farm that I am interested in purchasing from and ran across an article about their recent campaign to improve the sustainability and profitability of their livelihood.  I was intrigued and wanted to learn more … Continue reading

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Growing Sustainability – Part 2

In Growing Sustainability – Part 1 I lauded the War Commission Gardens and Victory Gardens for what they grew, a lot of food and a more self-sufficient citizenry.  At their height, over 20,000,000 Victory Gardens dotted the American landscape and … Continue reading

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Growing Food, Growing Farmers

I have been looking for a graph that shows the number of US farmers and the average age of farmers on the same graph, but looking at the graphs separately, the impression is still strong.  We have less and less … Continue reading

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