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Closing Summer

It is the end of an unusually quiet summer here at NHG.  A late, hard frost wiped out much of the spring plantings as well as this year’s harvest of blueberries and asparagus.  The figs and asparagus were late and … Continue reading

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Cooking Up A Hurricane – Mozzarella (Part 2)

As a cook (and human being) I am much more comfortable in the zone where I am critiquing past performance and looking for areas for improvement over standing on the precipice of something I have never tried.  To that end, … Continue reading

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Roma Wasn’t Built In a Day

Roma math: A decent batch of homemade tomato sauce with enough to freeze or can for future use requires a minimum of 15-20 lbs of roma tomatoes. The average day on the urban farm (with 16 roma tomato plants in … Continue reading

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Quest For Fire

My tomatoes were troopers this year holding onto green romas, blue beauties and red delicious globes into early November, but I gave up and pulled the remainders two weeks ago just so I could begin cleaning the beds and preparing … Continue reading

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Growing Sustainability – Part 1

I have three 24 x 36 cork boards in my home office, devoted to helping me organize my garden.  They are filled with seasonal planting guides for Zone 7, my own garden plans for seasonal and succession plantings, companion planting … Continue reading

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Making Hay While The Sun Shines – Part 3

The wonderful thing about being taken under the wing of a traditional southern food mentor is that in addition to the lesson at hand, there are other tantalizing tidbits sprinkled throughout the lessons like breadcrumbs, just waiting for me to … Continue reading

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