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New Beginnings

This year, in particular, is full of new beginnings. I welcomed the New Year in with a toast and a cheer from my home in Apex, NC. Just a few months later, this native midwesterner calls Long Island, NY home. … Continue reading

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Kale Chips – Sometimes a Matter of Necessity

The Scarlet Kale in my counter top hydroponic system has been growing by leaps and bounds to the point that they are overshadowing the slower paced cilantro and parsley starts. I needed to trim some leaves to let more light … Continue reading

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Autumn Recess

Autumn has arrived in North Carolina, bringing with it the final harvest of bell peppers, roma tomatoes and serrano peppers. The herb garden has brushed off the first few light freezes and stands ready to make meals fragrant and savory … Continue reading

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Living Ingredients

Although I have grown herbs indoors for each of the last 5 winters, my indoor garden has always been in a designated growing area and not particularly convenient to the kitchen.  So in a kitchen that is already small on … Continue reading

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Taking The (hydroponics) Plunge

It all started so simply…I was looking for a birthday gift for a friend.  She does some gardening and is always looking to eat healthier so I went to a few of my favorite online shops and searched Gifts For … Continue reading

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Then There Was One

This morning I did my final pass thinning the tomatoes, peppers, collards, cabbage and kale down to a single plant in each starter cup and then I crossed my fingers that no fungi or pests find my singletons between now … Continue reading

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Don’t Blink

During the past week of business travel my indoor plant starts have grown with the vigor of youth into a verdant and slightly unruly bunch of tweens. The tomatoes from my saved seed are particularly in need of thinning.  I … Continue reading

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Tender Beginnings

While winter is having it’s (hopefully) last hurrah outside, I am prepping my indoor garden to be without me for a week while I travel for work. After trying first newspaper pots then peat pots for last year’s starts and … Continue reading

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Starting My Garden Early

While Punxsutawney Phil and the meteorologists work out their differing predictions for the end of winter, growers are already hard at work preparing for spring, summer and fall. January plant starts included cabbage, chili peppers, bell peppers and rosemary. Now … Continue reading

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Regrowing Update

An update from last month’s post on regrowing veggies I have tripled the number of green onions I am regrowing to keep up with culinary demands and have just started my first celery, another in demand veggie that I will … Continue reading

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Winter Growing

This winter there will be a lot of focus on my indoor gardens mostly because my outdoor winter garden is a bit of a bust this year.  The collards and spinach I planted were just beginning to grow when an … Continue reading

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Store Bought Reboot – Regrowing Veggies

Here at NearlyHomeGrown, food scraps usually end up being frozen for future vegetable and/or chicken stocks or composted to feed the next generation of growing food.  But I have been interested in the regrowing veggies craze and finally had the … Continue reading

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Umami in Progress

Oh sure, we can call it my shiitake block from 100th Monkey Mushroom Farm, but fresh, delicious umami in progress is what it really is and it is a bumper crop this time!

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A Fungus Among Us

It is the time of year when harvests from the garden begin to taper off, Halloween decorations go up and a girl’s thoughts turn to fungus. It was this time last year that I was trying my hand at growing … Continue reading

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One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Haute Cuisine

In the past couple of years microgreens have become a buzzword on restaurant menus and news articles talking about their nutritional content compared to the mature varieties of the same plant.  Some early studies show that there may be reason … Continue reading

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