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Lessons for the New Year

One of my goals for the coming months is to find lessons for skills I want to either learn or improve upon.  I had a head start a few weeks ago with a class offering by Whisk, a unique, local … Continue reading

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Cooking Up A Hurricane – Mozzarella (Part 2)

As a cook (and human being) I am much more comfortable in the zone where I am critiquing past performance and looking for areas for improvement over standing on the precipice of something I have never tried.  To that end, … Continue reading

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Getting Wired in the Garden

Early this spring I had high hopes when I reworked my square foot grids with outdoor nylon rope.  It lasted only 2 seasons. The needles and leaves are a results of Hurricane Hermine’s winds coming through earlier this weekend, but … Continue reading

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A Berry Short Haircut

Last fall I had a niggle as I watched the lush, green growth of the strawberries yellow in some places and brown in other.  I made a cursory search for winterizing strawberries and fall strawberry preparation and did not find … Continue reading

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Springing Ahead

After a week of travel, timezone jet lag and leaping ahead an hour, I returned home to find my spring garden well underway. The blueberries and strawberries are already in bloom and hoping the 33 degree overnight currently forecast for … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions (Then and Now)

For 2015 I set two gardening goals for myself – begin keeping a garden log and saving seed and I did pretty well on both of them.  My 2015 garden log ended the year with 8 typed pages and containing … Continue reading

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