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July Garden Update

Under the best of circumstances July is an awkward time for the garden. Spring greens (spinach, lettuce, cilantro) still in the garden have bolted or browned, strawberries have stopped producing anything but dozens of straggly runners and asparagus has transmogrified … Continue reading

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One Boy, Three Sisters

Me:  Let me snap a picture before you plant the rest of the seeds. 9yo:  Sure, but let me grab the dibber first! I served in an advisory capacity last weekend as my 9 year old planted Glass Gem and … Continue reading

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Making Hay While The Sun Shines – Part 2

Even before the surprise bounty of figs arrived on my doorstep Saturday morning, I had a hefty agenda for my first full weekend back home in my garden in 3 weeks. Serranos – picking them at both the green and … Continue reading

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