Variations On A Theme – Potato Leek Soup

My favorite recipes are the ones that resemble a good canvas – a delicious backdrop that can be accentuated and modified by what is in season and/or on hand.  Having just finished a post about an overabundance of serrano peppers, I wanted to do a variation on a fall favorite – potato leek soup.

This year’s leeks are on the thin side which I attribute to my north facing backyard garden, so I harvested roughly 3x the number I would normally use for this recipe.

Leek HarvestTrimmed LeeksI decided to add some kick to the background canvas and finely chopped 4 roasted red serranos from my freezer and fresh oregano.

Roasted Serranos and Fresh OreganoA Bit of ColorOn it’s own, this soup is mild but hearty making it a perfect backdrop for any number of flavor profiles.

Cooking the SoupThe genius of this soup is the mandolin sliced potatoes.

Bite Sizing the SoupOnce cooked through and gently mashed, they thicken the stock and the mashing breaks the potatoes into bite-sized pieces.

Adding CreamAdd a little cream and cook on low for a few more minutes and voila!

Thickening SoupA delicious meal that varies depending on preferences and additions!

You've Been Served

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  1. Todd Woodburn says:

    Wow what a creation!

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