Aero Garden Update – Day 46

Hydroponic BasilDay 46 of the prepackaged herb pack that came with my AeroBount and I have excellent basil growth, both genovese and thai.  The mint was just starting to grow and the cilantro, parsley and chives never really took off.  The genovese basil, while in the same family, is not the basil I usually grow.  I do not know if it is a function of the variety or of the hydroponics but it bruises extremely easy and blackens quickly on warm dishes.

My Baker Creek order came in last week with seeds for my hydroponic herbs and  counter top microgreens so I decided to ditch the prepackaged herbs and start my own this weekend.

Fillable Aero PodsMy aero garden has space for 9 pods so I planted 2 of each except for the parsley that I planted 3 pods of because fall stews + parsley = YUM!

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