Autumn Recess

Autumn has arrived in North Carolina, bringing with it the final harvest of bell peppers, roma tomatoes and serrano peppers.

Mid November HarvestThe herb garden has brushed off the first few light freezes and stands ready to make meals fragrant and savory for months to come.  I am confident that the thyme, oregano and sage will over winter well and hope that the french tarragon and parsley will also.

Herbs Before WinterParsley is such a staple of fall and winter dishes that I have more growing on my deck.  I have been poaching from the deck parsley for a few weeks thinking that it would not handle the frosts as well, but so far it is also doing wonderfully.

Container ParsleyIn previous years I have repeatedly removed pine needles from the garden beds only to replace it with a different mulch.  This year I have come to my senses and am embracing the pine trees taking care of mulching for me.

Collards in Natural Pine Needle MulchCollards, carrots, cabbage and parsnips are tucked into their naturally (and effortlessly) mulched beds.

Naturally Mulched Garden BedsThe fall planting of sugar snap peas has been supplying tender pea shoots and now has peas forming as well.

Fall Sugar Snap PeasThe hydroponic herbs were changed over 10 days ago to the varieties I know and love to cook with and are already doing quite well.  I am growing 2 plantings each of my favorite basils and cilantros, 3 of the flat leaf parsley and just for fun I am trying to grow 2 red kales hydroponically.

Hydroponic Herbs and KaleWith the Super Bowl and attendant tomato starts almost 2 months away, this cozy, fall garden that is mostly taking care of itself feels like a recess.

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